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Testimonial: Paul Taylor

As a valued AW customer, Paul Taylor spoke to us about his experience with our products. Here are some of the highlights from his testimonial.

Experience with AW Products

"...when mixing music with other digital receivers, there is an inherent delay - with Audio Wireless, this process is seamless."

After Care and Routine Maintenance

When asked about the AW products and after care, in his words Paul responded" reputation rests on the equipment I use, and Audio Wireless' units are robust and excellently made, but as with any piece of kit routine maintenance allows me to be rest assured that everything is optimised.

This is where AW excels as well for having fantastic engineers at hand at any time of the day (I can vouch for this). Their support is second to none. They have a deep understanding of their end-users' needs and always have time to listen and assist.

The AW Factor

What three things would you identify as the AW Factor?

1. Phenomenal radio performance

2. The RF Distribution unit feeds 6 units, a real game-changer.

3. Excellent value

More about Paul Taylor:

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