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Diversity Receivers

AW Diversity Receivers 

AWDR1_Audio Wireless Diversity Receiver.


 A true-diversity receiver

A truly global player



The Audio Wireless AWDR-1 Diversity Receiver is a portable true-diversity receiver, for broadcast and ENG applications.  Combining exemplary audio quality with territorial freedom and operational convenience, it is designed for global operation, addressing the widespread problems of over-crowded frequency spectrum and the non-harmonised radio microphone frequency allocations prevalent in many territories.

With a RF bandwidth of up to 120MHz, the AWDR-1 employs digitally-tuned front-end filtering to ensure high rejection of unwanted, strongly interfering transmitted signals. This technique provides very robust RF signal integrity, together with great flexibility for ENG crews, sound recordists and general location work.  A system with such a wide tuning bandwidth eliminates the need to stock equipment configured with a variety of frequency bands – helping to standardise inventories, and bringing vast benefit to hire companies and broadcasters alike.

Maintaining absolute integrity in terms of audio quality, overall performance and reliability, the compact AWDR-1 is light enough to mount easily on DV camcorders with external powering facilities.  Contributing to today’s high production values, it will improve workflow whether the project is a feature film, multi-camera documentary or production, or a single camera ENG-style shoot.

Small, true-diversity receiver

Ideal for ENG/EFP and location work

Digitally switchable RF front-end

Switching bandwidths up to 120MHz

Readily available up to 4000 channels

Internal or external powering

Easy-twist battery compartment cover, with click-stop reassurance

Easy operation by OLED with programmable functions

Balanced variable line output

Stereo/mono mini-jack with monitor-volume control

Continuous RX and TX  status indicators

RF, Pilot tone and noise operated mute

Tough, lightweight aluminium case

Reliable, professional-grade connectors

AWDR1_Audio Wireless Diversity Receiver.

OLED Screen

Robust, sleek finish aluminium body

Navigation buttons

Easy-access battery compartment


Durable laser engraving



AWDR-1 receivers are true space-diversity designs, comprising two independent receiver sections fed from separate antennae.

A combining circuit automatically rejects the output from the receiver with the weakest signal, giving a dramatic improvement to dead-spot, signal dropout problems when compared to conventional non-diversity, or more basic antenna-diversity designs.  When signals of similar strength are received, the audio outputs are mixed to improve the signal to noise ratio still further.

The receiver features multiple RF stages to give outstanding selectivity and sensitivity, while the digitally controlled circuitry achieves optimum mobile operation with greater flexibility. The receiver’s unique noise reduction system provides trouble-free operation in low RF signal situations – even in hostile RF environments – exceeding broadcasters’ requirements.  A pilot tone and noise mute is operational in the heart of the unit’s squelch system, effectively blocking any stray RF and noise interference when the receiver is in signal reception stand-by mode.

A 4-pin Hirose or large 6-pin Lemo connector (model dependent) carries the audio output, providing the choice of balanced variable line or mic-level outputs.  The balanced high-level output can be adjusted on screen.  The receiver also includes a mini phone jack for monitoring the output with headphones – either a mono or stereo plug can be used, with an auto-detect facility setting the output according to the type of plug connected.


Robust Aluminium Structure​ & Battery Compartment

The AWDR-1 is designed and built to the highest standards of RF and audio engineering, as well as mechanical integrity, to provide years of performance under the most extreme RF and field conditions.

The receiver's design also incorporates a unique battery compartment, with the receiver’s twin AA batteries held in place by a captive, easy-twist compartment cover, featuring a click-stop mechanism.  This is simple and intuitive in operation, enabling quick, reliable battery changes to be made by feel alone – invaluable when working under pressure – with the durability to withstand the heavy demands of location work and day-in-day-out hiring.

Informative Displays

The receiver is equipped with an OLED screen on its front panel, as well as the convenience of a multi-LED on the top panel.  Together, these provide instant information on the receiver status and its matching transmitter, with the OLED enabling audio output levels to be visible when the unit is mounted on the back of a camcorder. 


On the top panel, two tri-colour LEDs show which half of the receiver is active, and continuously monitor the received signal strength (RSSI). The transmitter’s battery status is also monitored by means of a ‘TX BATT LED’, warning the operator of a ‘Low Battery’ state on the matching transmitter.  The receiver’s internal or external battery status is also continuously monitored, by the “RX BATT LED”.

The OLED also provides continuous information on Receiver frequency, Antenna RSSI levels, AF output, phase, Mute, and RX Battery Status.  An easy-to-operate menu system is used to set receiver frequency, audio output level, mute level threshold and audio phase.

The receiver can be powered by three alternative methods:

  • External power, via the 4-pin Hirose connector, using a RCP cable

  • Phantom power, via the antenna connectors, when used in an antenna distribution system

  • Internal power, by 2 x AA standard alkaline batteries


Camera adaptors and portable housings

Optional camera-mount adaptors are available, including a Hot-shoe adaptor (HSA), and a Camera Attachment Kit (V-lock). Portable DH2+1 and DH5+1 multi-channel system cases are also available, to carry up to 6-AWDR receivers, and can be cascaded up to 8 channels.



a clear voice in a crowded spectrum


AW Pocket Transmitters 



Territorial freedom, with switching bandwidth up to 120MHz, for crews, camera operators and sound recordists.



Territorial freedom and operational convenience, combined with exemplary audio quality, are the hallmarks of Audio Wireless systems. The AWT transmitter offers the utmost flexibility for crews, operators and sound recordists, whether working internationally or simply under challenging RF conditions.

Its out-and-out practicality is reflected as much by its extra-wide frequency-switching bandwidth – up to 120MHz – as by its unique battery compartment. The unit’s single AA battery is held in place by a captive, easy-twist compartment cover, with a click-stop mechanism. This is simple and intuitive in operation enabling quick, reliable battery changes to be made by feel alone – invaluable when working under pressure.

Product features

Switching bandwidth up to 120MHz

Tunable in 25kHz steps

Switchable RF output power

Top-level flexibility for international working

Compact design, with rugged all-metal construction

1 x AA alkaline provides up to 5 hours operating time or lithium battery for longer

Easy-twist battery compartment cover, with click-stop reassurance

Easy operation by OLED with programmable functions

Battery-level indication and transmitted “low batt” warning system

Pilot-tone carrier

Reliable, professional-grade connectors


OLED Screen

Navigation buttons

Easy-access battery compartment



The Audio Wireless AWT transmitter uses a unique design of low-noise microphone preamplifier – its AGC-Limiter is coupled with a low-noise VCO-PLL circuit, to produce the highest possible transmission quality. This design acknowledges the over-crowded spectrum and non-harmonised radio microphone allocations prevalent in many territories, with the wide frequency-switching bandwidth maximising its agility for worldwide, on-demand production. The RF transmission power can also be adjusted to adapt to regional regulations, and to increase battery life.


Informative Displays

The AWT offers easy adjustment of the audio input level via the multi-function LCD display, as well as traditional easily visible LED display at the top panel (-10 and 0dB) indicating the audio level and allowing repeatable levels to be set.


Continuous AF metering is displayed on the LCD. The AWT includes a soft audio limiting circuit, with a user- adjustable gain threshold to give a wide dynamic range. This advanced design enables the limiter to be used as an automatic level control, without the pumping effect usually associated with audio AGC, and it can also be used as a ‘distortionless’ emergency limiter to prevent over-modulation.


Additional front-end protection is provided by an adjustable low-cut filter (set via the LCD), which reduces wind noise and counteracts close-microphone effects. Battery status is displayed on the transmitter’s LCD, and can be seen at a glance via the battery-monitoring LED indicator on the top panel.


The system uses a pilot-tone carrier to operate the matching receiver’s squelch. This enables the receiver to remain muted until it receives the pilot tone from the matching transmitter. An option on the display menu also enables the user to lock the system against accidental adjustment.

For long-term reliability, the AWT uses a very high quality 6-pin Lemo mic input connector and a miniature SMA RF antenna connector. Dedicated audio input cables are available to connect mic- or line-level signals to the transmitter.

The AWT’s unique design, together with its overall strength and durability, is focused on withstanding the heavy demands of day-in-day-out location use, while its compact, smoothly sculpted case is comfortable to wear – ideal for situations where concealment is necessary.


Antenna Distribution Systems
Audio Wireless1183_edited_edited.jpg


DADM226 is a custom design which offers the solution to antenna and power distribution requirements for portable sound bags.


A unique custom design, Antenna and Power Distribution system offers excellent rejection for interference free operation feeding up to six Diversity Receivers.  User adjustable settings can be controlled via the intuitive OLED display menu to power remote antenna amplifiers, to turn each receiver ON/OFF and to turn Hirose dc output volts within the frequency range from 470 – 865MHz the DADM226 is fitted with 2 x BNC as Antenna inputs and 2 x 6 SMA Antenna output connectors with switchable Remote Antenna Powering. The three switchable DC Hirose power sockets supply dc power to sound bag or sound cart equipments.  DADM226 is a CNC machined aluminium box to withstand daily location work, finished in black anodising with clearly laser marked legends for long term readability.


Diversity Antenna Distribution Module DADM226 is a custom design which offers the solution to antenna and power distribution requirements for portable sound bag applications. Designed for where the weight and size matters without sacrificing performance.

The DADM226 is a 2 IN and 2 x 6 OUT active antenna distribution system with in-built band-pass filtering, the DADM226 eliminates multiple receiver antennae and provides a tidy sound bag solution with improved RF performance.

There are two industry standard BNC input connectors for antenna inputs, which enables use of standard low loss RF extension cable, and there 2 x 6 mini RF SMA connectors feeding the receivers.

In applications when remote antenna powering is needed the DADM offers switchable MHA powering with RED LEDs indicating power ON/OFF status, the MHA powering can be turned ON/OFF through the OLED display menu.

The DADM226 has a very high input signal handling capacity with very low noise figure and offering an outstanding inter-modulation performance when compared to other low power devices available.

The DADM is externally powered between 10-18Vdc, the dc input connector is an industry standard 4-pin Hirose and there are 3 x Hirose dc output connectors are available for powering any mixer/recorder or Auxiliary equipment in any sound bag. Each dc output port can be individually turned ON/OFF through the OLED menu. A green LED indicates power-on status of the system box and the OLED display continuously displays dc input voltage.

Powering for the multiple receivers is simplified by means of offering phantom power at each SMA RF connector; each Audio Wireless (AWDR-1) receiver is individually powered through the antenna socket eliminating additional cabling in the sound bag. The phantom power is user-selectable and can be turned ON/OFF from the OLED display menu.


AW Antenna Distribution Systems 

LPDA Antennas

LPDA Antennas


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Diversity Housings

AW Diversity Housing

AW AWTX-1 Audio Wireless Transmitter


AW Diversity Housing models (DH2+1 and DH5+1) are designed to offer maximum efficiency by eliminating multiple antennae and by simplifying dc powering within your portable sound bag.


Additional antenna outputs allow the system to be expanded feeding either a further receiver or another Diversity Housing (DH). Cascading to another DH2+1 allows for up to a 5 channel system or cascading to a DH5+1 allows for up to a mighty 8-channel system all driven from a pair of antennas. The DH is a small lightweight metal construction with conveniently placed connectors which makes it ideal for use with a mobile mixer/recorder.

Each receiver is phantom powered via the internal band-pass filtered RF distribution amplifier. Antenna connections are via standard BNC connectors to allow ease of using long antenna extension cables for remote antenna applications. Switchable Remote Antenna Powering is available to power an Active Antenna to compensate long antenna extension cable losses.
The internal battery slot takes a rechargeable NP-1 block. Alternatively, the DH may be powered from an external source of 10 -18V dc supply via dc sockets on the side panel. There are a set of three 4-pin Hirose connectors providing unregulated dc output volts to power mixer/recorders and an additional set of three 4-pin Hirose regulated volts available to power other devices. A USB socket is fitted for charging mobile phones.


DH 5+1


DH 2+1

Wireless Solutions

AW-P48 Universal Wireless Boom

AW AWTX-1 Audio Wireless Transmitter

AWP48U Wireless Boom

An essential accessory in every sound bag, AW-P48U in-line power supply is custom designed to eliminate conventional powering of condenser boom microphones.

The AW-P48U is designed to solve today’s challenges faced by sound recordist to capture the best sound without any colouring. The design is in a light but robust aluminium machined cylinder with integrated battery compartment and uses an internal single AA battery to generate regulated 48Vdc at up to 10mA required by the microphone.

The in-line adaptor is terminated by XLR female connector (at the input) and the output is terminated by mini XLR-3 male connector to suit any wireless transmitter.

Product features

Ideal for wireless boom work

Delivers a true 48V from one AA battery

Uses high quality input transformer

Integrated ON/OFF switch with Low Battery LED Indicator

Robust, light-weight aluminium machined tube with integrated battery compartment

Suitable with any wireless transmitters


This custom design employs a step-up balanced transformer, which offers advantages such as outstanding noise immunity, higher sensitivity and longer cable drive.

The transformer increases sensitivity of the microphone output when used with wireless transmitters, this translates setting transmitter audio gain at lower levels, achieving much better signal to noise ratio.

The balanced transformer input design yields a higher common mode rejection ratio when compared to any transformer-less electric circuit design available.


The use of standard XLR input connector together with standard mini XLR-3 male output connector makes the AW-P48U compatible with any wireless transmitter available.


AW Caddy

AW Accessories
AW Caddy


A V-Lock radio receiver holder, or caddy, is designed to hold a pair of Audio Wireless AWDR-1 on the back of a camera that has a V-Lock battery plate.  

The V-Lock sandwiches between battery and camera on any 12V (nominally) V-Lock plate.

Power is delivered to the receiver via Hirose connector, this switches on and off automatically as the camera does to avoid needlessly draining batteries.  There are additional power outputs on the right hand side away from the camera operator's head providing D-Tap and Hirose connectors, the Hirose connectors are automatically switched as the camera is powered up or down.  


The unit is a rugged design milled from solid aluminium. 

Weight: 317 grams

Dimensions (H x W X L): 136mm x 98mm x 52mm (plus lugs that protrude into the V-Lock battery)

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