Audio Wireless Products

  • Audio Wireless AWT-1 Transmitter

    Territorial freedom and operational convenience, combined with exemplary audio quality, are the hallmarks of Audio Wireless systems. The AWT transmitter offers the utmost flexibility for crews, operators and sound recordists, whether working internationally or simply under challenging RF conditions.

    Its out-and-out practicality is reflected as much by its extra-wide frequency-switching bandwidth – up to 150MHz – as by its unique battery compartment. The unit’s single AA battery is held in place by a captive, easy-twist compartment cover, with a click-stop mechanism. This is simple and intuitive in operation enabling quick, reliable battery changes to be made by feel alone – invaluable when working under pressure.

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  • Audio Wireless AWDR-1 Diversity Receiver

    The Audio Wireless AWDR-1 Diversity Receiver is a portable true-diversity receiver, for broadcast and ENG applications.  Combining exemplary audio quality with territorial freedom and operational convenience, it is designed for global operation, addressing the widespread problems of over-crowded frequency spectrum and the non-harmonised radio microphone frequency allocations prevalent in many territories.

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  • Audio Wireless AWMR-1 Monitoring Receiver

    The Audio Wireless MR-1 monitoring receiver is designed for use in all mobile communication applications, where high sound quality, reliability and performance are the prime requirements.  The MR-1 brings the benefits of quality audio and RF technology to production monitoring, providing stable, fatigue-free listening over long periods for programme presenters in broadcast and motion picture production.  The wireless monitoring system will also benefit directors and crew, to monitor programme audio during a production.  The simplicity and flexibility of the MR1, combined with the quality of the design, enables high-performance monitoring in studios or on location worldwide.

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  • In-Line P48 Power Supply for Wireless Boom

    Available now stampAW-P48 replaces the normal microphone cable and uses an internal single AA battery to generate regulated 48VDC at up to 10mA required by the microphone.

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  • Digitally Tuned Antenna Distribution

    A unique custom design, the Digitally Tuned Antenna and Power Distribution system offers excellent adjacent channel rejection for interference free operation feeding up to six Diversity Receivers.  User adjustable settings are via the OLED display to tune within the frequency range from 470 – 865MHz the DTAD226 is fitted with 2 x BNC as Antenna inputs and 2 x 6 SMA Antenna output connectors with switchable Remote Antenna Powering. The six switchable dc Hirose power sockets supply dc power to sound bag or sound cart equipments.  DTAD226 is made from CNC machined aluminium box to withstand daily location work, finished in black anodising with clearly laser marked legends for long term readability.

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  • Diversity Antenna Distribution Module

    A unique custom design, Antenna and Power Distribution system offers excellent rejection for interference free operation feeding up to six Diversity Receivers.

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