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Brand: Audio Wireless

The UHF AWPB-1W amplifier offers up to 1W of output power and a 12 dB small signal gain, with excellent gain flatness along with outstanding dynamic range and Noise Figure. Designed to boost low-power Radio Microphone transmitter outputs up to 1Watt. Applications such as Audio Links in sports events, during filming for car-to-car recordings, boosting IEM transmitters to cover larger areas and more.

The booster power amplifier output stage employs a very selective custom-tuned band-pass filter which determines the operating frequency range and suppresses the 2nd and 3rd harmonics of the transmitter.

The frequency bands available:

• 470-700MHz • 470-608MHz • 500-865MHz • 500-960MHz • 960-1164MHz

The booster gain is user adjustable in 0.5dB steps to suit different applications, through the intuitive OLED display, a real-time dc voltmeter continuously monitors input dc volts. The Lock Menu enables Lock the user adjustable setting against accidental change in action.

Compatible with any UHF wireless Transmitters operating in the same tuning range, Hybrid FM, and Analogue FM, a very wide dynamic input range accepts transmitter power levels from 0dBm(1mW) to +25dBm(316mW).

The AWPB-1W enclosure is a custom design for compactness as well as an integral heat sink minimizing the unit’s heat dissipation, using advanced PCB designs technique the heat dissipation is minimized. Overall, the box design is to withstand the heavy-duty use of the harsh environment, providing long life and consistent performance under difficult operating conditions. The booster box is a custom design CNC machined aluminum, black anodized finish with laser marking.

Technical Specification
Maximum RF Output Power 1Watt (+30dBm)
Gain 12+/-0.5dB user adjustable in 0.5dB steps
Nominal RF output power
0.8Watt (800mW) with TX output at 50mW
Gain range +12dB to 0dB, adjustable in 0.5dB steps
> +48dBm
Noise Figure
< 3 dB
Maximum input power
+25dBm (316mW) at Gain setting 12dB
Frequency Bands available 470-700MHz, 470-608MHz, 500-865MHz, 500-960MHz, 960-1164MHz
Harmonic rejection >30dB(min)

RF Input Standard BNC-F Socket, 50 Ω
RF output Standard BNC-F Socket, 50 Ω
Hirose DC input 4-pin Hirose (pins1+2: 0V, pins3+4: +ve)
Operating voltage range 10-18V, input reverse power, and short circuit protected
Current Consumption 280mA +/-10mA, 4W (max)
Main ON/OFF Switch
2-way Toggle switch with Red LED - ON - indicator

Outer Case
Dimensions 137x58x28mm (W x H x D) (inc. BNC connectors)
Weight 295g
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