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AW LPDA Diversity Antenna 470-1200MHz (LPDA-DIV)

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AW LPDA Diversity Antenna offers a highly reliable and cost-effective diversity operation within the 470-750MHz bandwidth range with a single antenna set up.

Two independent antennas in opposite polarisation offer compact diversity reception.

LPDA-P section
SWR<1.5 over 470-1200MHz, Gain 5dB over dipole antenna (8dB gain compared to a ¼ wave whip antenna).

Dipole section
Lower Band: SWR<2.0 over 470-750MHz, 3dB gain compared to a ¼ wave whip antenna.
Higher Band: SWR<2.0 over 935-1200MHz, 3dB gain compared to a ¼ wave whip antenna.

Other customs bands are available on request.

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