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AW Diversity Antenna Distribution Module [DADM224]

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DADM224 is a custom design which offers the solution to antenna and power distribution requirements for portable sound bags.

A unique custom design, Antenna and Power Distribution system offers excellent rejection for interference free operation feeding up to four Diversity Receivers. User adjustable settings can be controlled via the intuitive OLED display menu to power remote antenna amplifiers, to turn each receiver ON/OFF and to turn Hirose dc output volts within the frequency range from 470 – 700MHz the DADM224 is fitted with 2 x BNC as Antenna inputs and 2 x 4 SMA Antenna output connectors with switchable Remote Antenna Powering. The six switchable DC Hirose power sockets supply dc power to sound bag or sound cart equipments. DADM224 is a CNC machined aluminium box to withstand daily location work, finished in black anodising with clearly laser marked legends for long term readability.

RF Distribution Section
Frequency Range 470 to 700MHz
Input Impedance 50 Ω
Output Impedance 50 Ω
Gain (each output)

+6 dB to -10dB, user adjustable

Current Consumption 185mA
UHF Bandpass Type
Available Bandwidths

470-700MHz, 470-698MHz, 470-694MHz, 470-660MHz, 470-630MHz
470-608MHz (other bands available upon request)

OIP3 > +41dBm
Port to port isolation > 20dB (min.)
Noise figure < 3 dB
RF Inputs 2 x 50 Ω Standard BNC Sockets
RF/DC outputs to receivers 2 x 4 x 50 Ω mini UHF SMA sockets
Main ON/OFF Switch Master switch
DC Power OUT 6 x 4-pin Hirose sockets individually fused and protected against reverse polarity, standard pin-outs, Pin1(-ve) and Pin4(+ve)
External Power 10-18V @ 1A (min.)*, reverse power and short circuit protected (*higher current limit is required if mixer/recorders are powered-max current 2A)
Phantom dc to Receivers 9Vdc (regulated), individually switched ON/OFF
Remote Antenna Powering Switchable dc T-bias powering, 12Vdc @ 200mA max, regulated for active antenna powering, short circuit protected
Hirose dc output

Unregulated incoming volts, switched, individually fused and protected against reverse polarity

Outer Case
Dimensions 190x64x30mm (W x H x D)
Weight 400g
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