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AW Active LPDA Antenna - LPDA-A-WB V2 470-1164MHz [in Bands]

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Brand: Audio Wireless


The LPDA-A-WB may be used in an Active or Passive Mode to suit individual applications:

Active Mode with fixed Bandwidth in the 470-700MHz range with user adjustable gain of 18dB

Passive Mode (when there is no dc present) can be used as a High Gain

Passive antenna to receive or to transmit with the in-built filtering 470-700MHz,
passive gain boasting 5dB.

This unique design has an exceptionally low loss and a very selective Band-pass filter with fixed bandwidth between 470-700MHz. The booster section uses a digitally adjustable RF-Attenuator before the low noise RF Amplifier against RF overload and the Booster Gain adjust is after the RF amplification, both digitally adjustable RF-Attenuators are independently user adjustable in 1dB steps. The RF Amplifier is an extremely high dynamic range and Low Noise RF amplifier offering a linear gain within the tuning range.

The LPDA-A-WB offers flexibility as well as additional front-end protection against interfering dirty RF, the booster offers 18dB user adjustable gain to compensate long antenna extension cable losses hence increased distance
between the transmitter and the receiver, LPDA-A-WB finds its application in film making, documentaries, fixed installations as in studios, and theatres. Compatible with any UHF wireless receiving systems (Digital or Analogue) providing a directional coverage pattern.

The antennae are constructed using advanced multi-layer PCB design technique with copper-clad epoxy fiberglass to withstand heavy duty use in harsh environments, providing long life and consistent performance under difficult operating conditions. The booster box is a custom-design machined aluminum, black anodized with water resistant O-ring mounting. Mounting is made easy with integrated thread that directly mounts on to a tripod or with the supplied adaptor it can be mounted directly on to a microphone stand. Powering is through coaxial cable, power source of 10-18Vdc.


  • Active LPDA with 18dB gain
  • Use as an Active, Passive Receive or Transmit
  • No dc- Passive Mode with in-built Band-Pass filtering
  • Extremely high dynamic range RF amplifier
  • Input high selective Band Pass filter 470-700MHz
  • Independently user adjustable Input Attenuator
  • Independently user adjustable Booster Gain
  • Intuitive OLED display menu
  • Powered through coax cable
  • Integrated mount adaptor
  • CNC machined custom design


Active Mode

Frequency Range 470 to 700MHz with in-built Band Pass Filter
Booster Gain +18dB (user adjustable in 1.0dB steps to unity)
Input Attenuator Range -20dB (user adjustable in 1.0dB steps to unity)
Selectivity -38dB@420MHz and -30dB@750MHz min.
OIP3 >+41dBm

Passive Mode (no dc)

Frequency Range 470 to 702MHz with in-built Band Pass Filter
Passive Gain +5dB with in-built band Pass Filter – 470-702MHz


RF output 50 Ω Standard BNC-F
Mounting Options 3/8”-16 standard tripod mount
5/8”-27 adapter supplied


External Power 10-18Vdc, through coaxial cable
(reverse power and short circuit protected)
Current consumption@12Vdc 75mA +/- 10mA

Outer Case

Dimensions 270x290x90mm
Weight 490g

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