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Audio Wireless | Elstree Studios, Shenley Road, Borehamwood, WD6 1JG, United Kingdom


developed by incredea

Audio Wireless LPDA-P (Log Periodic Dipole Array - Passive)  antenna is designed to operate over very wide-band frequency range, operating over the 470–870 MHz, with an impressive SWR of less than 2 for whole operating range.


LPDA-P can be used with the Radio Mic receivers to enhance the reception or can be used as low power Transmit antenna to boost the output power up 6dB.


The LPDA-P can be used for applications requiring increased distance between the transmitter and the receiver, as in during film making, documentaries, studios theatres and more.


This LPDA-P is manufactured in a paddle-style antenna using multi-layer PCB design technique for reliability and is suited for portable applications as well as fixes installations for indoor and outdoor application. These antennas are compatible to be used with any  UHF wireless receiving systems providing a directional coverage pattern, 6 dB of RF gain improvement over standard receiver mono-pole antennas can be achieved.


The antennas are constructed using advanced multi-layer PCB designs technique with copper-clad epoxy fiberglass to with-stand heavy-duty use of harsh environment, providing long life and consistent performance under difficult operating conditions.


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