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developed by incredea

System case DH-2, Diversity Housing-2 is designed to hold up to two AWDR-1 small true diversity

receivers and a NP1 battery. The system housing includes antenna distribution amplifiers, standard

BNC antenna input connectors for remote antenna, auxiliary antenna output on mini UHF SMA connectors,

switchable Mast Head Amplifier (MHA) powering on the antenna input connectors, individual

ON/OFF switch for each receiver and a Mains Switch to turn the DH ON/OFF with a tri-colour LED to

continuously monitor status of the NP1 battery.

Audio outputs are on mini balanced XLR connectors; there are 2-sets of 3 x 4-pin Hirose dc connectors

fitted on each side panels to power auxiliary equipment like mixer/digital recorder or others.

One set of the dc output connectors are “unregulated raw NP1 volts” and the other set is regulated


Switchable MHA powering is available on both antenna inputs to power an in-line Antenna Mast Head

Amplifier or an Active Antenna that may be employed to compensate long antenna extension cable

losses, a LED indicator is used on each antenna input to provide status of the MHA powering switch.

The DH2 RF outputs can be cascaded into another DH2 unit to configure a 5-channel system or can

be connected to a Diversity Receiver (AWDR-1) to configure a 3-channel system.

Every effort has been made to keep the weight light as possible.

A “Type A” USB connector is also available to charge your mobile phone!

Supplied with two ¼ wave BNC antennas and two of SMA to SMA link cables.

(Please remember to order Mini XLR (T3FC) audio output cables to suit DH5)

AW Diversity Housing 2+1

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